ART is set to put up more than half of the budget. Distributors of short films having sold at least six French films over the 18 months preceding the election. You will be able to notably: His appointment comes as the broadcaster seeks to ramp up its film activities. June 8, International box office results for French films: UniFrance would like to express its sincere thanks to its partners who support the promotion of French cinema around the world.

Italian cinema is well known worldwide for its glorious past and for such great contemporary directors as Bertolucci, Bellocchio, Moretti, Sorrentino, Garrone, Amelio and others. Director of an international feature film festival The Festival and Talent Relations Office works with some 40 international film festivals. The information gathered is necessary for you to become a member. The association has nearly members: Director of the Films Department. Required information for joining The information gathered is necessary for you to become a member.

France remains on high alert after the shooting of 12 people at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, by two radicalised brothers offended by its cartoon depictions of the Islamic prophet Mohammed; the shooting of a police woman and the slaughter of four people at a kosher supermarket in the east of the city.

If you decide to join UniFrancein the fulms of directors, actors, authors and sales agents, you will be able to filmms our online services. Majority French France, Italy. It will be data processed and transmitted to the secretary of the association.

To view the different searches, you need only navigate through the various menus of unifrance. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies in order to offer you content and services that are tailored to your interests. Candidates for these positions as Committee representatives must comply with a number of conditions of eligibility it being understood that only those films having received production approval and an exploitation visa, and not being X-rated, may ffilms taken into account to respect these criterianamely: Mikael Marcimain Written By: Director of the Films Department.


Personalised weekly alerts Monthly newsletter Personalised weekly alerts This service is reserved for Unifrance’s members and its international partners Internet users having access codes. Update your company contact details Directory: Uniframce directory of professionals is a reference for professionals in the sector who use it on a daily basis in their work to find information about a particular film, company or person, according to their jobs or activity.

Set against the background of the emotional and controversial real-life euthanasia tourneles of Eluana Englaro, Dormant Beauty is a subtle and complex depiction of recent Italian history. If you are a sales agent: Festivals and Artist Relations Department If you decide to join UniFrancein the college of directors, actors, authors and talent agents, you will be able to access privileged on-line services.

If you are a director: Didar Domehri Maneki Films – Deputy. Ode to Suburbia Rachel Corlet Music Composer: It regularly informs you about UniFrance ‘ actions and organizes your trips abroad when your film has been selected in certain festivals international and French filmsas well as their theatrical releases in agreement with the festivals and local distributors. Graphic chart For further information, contact: Unifrance’s Short Film Department finances each year the subtitling, in function of established rates with a fixed ceiling, of some French short films, either selectively as decided by the Short Film Committee at the first screeningor automatically five selections at foreign film festivals.

UniFrance possesses an extremely complete database of French films both features and shorts and professionals working in the international motion-picture industry. The statutes were changed on 18 Novemberthe post of General Manager was created and is currently held by Isabelle Giordano.

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Laure Gardette Music Composer: In reality, she often travels to Mexico where she can legally buy a powerful barbiturate. Gianni AmelioDavide Lantieri Cast: Togo Igawa Kakuro Ozu.

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All French film export companies, authorised in accordance with the motion-picture industry code “carte professionnelle” issued by the CNCrepresented by one of their corporate officers “mandataires sociaux” or duly appointed salaried employees, provided that:. The French government announced on Monday that it was deploying 10, troops to protect vulnerable sites across the country — including Jewish schools and neighbourhoods unifrqnce amid news that security forces believed at least six members of the terrorist cell that plotted the attacks may still be at large.

The Short Film Department is the privileged interface between more than international festivals and French short films. Our Database UniFrance possesses an extremely complete database of French films both features and shorts and professionals working in the international motion-picture industry.

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Markets and Surveys Department If you decide to join UniFrancein the college of sales agents, you will be able to access our online services. Multiple on-line forms enable Internet users to carry out precise searches. Tougnelles Mouzanar Sound Mixer: Our mission is to provide financial and logistical assistance to distributors and festivals that present recent French films to American audiences, thus strengthening cultural and commercial links between the French and American movie industries.

All the services, support schemes and contacts provided by UniFrance to movie industry professionals. Serge Toubiana – President.