In the process, he evolved into a star in his own right. The majority of the songs in your films have a classical flavour. Oli Vilakku 7. Puttana Kanagal , Puttana Stars: Vishwanath also ventured into mainstream acting recently. What do name and fame mean to you? Gitanjali , Nagabhushanam , Prabhakar Reddy , Rajababu.

But it’s also true that such on-the-spot ideas may ruin the subject sometime. But there are some which demand more from you. Addola Narayana Rao Stars: Audible Download Audio Books. Viswanath entered tinsel town more than three decades ago by sheer chance. Only then should he go to the sets. Taraka Rama Rao Nandamuri Stars: I mulled over these questions throughout the making of the film.

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Selected sponsors provide financial support for parts of Conversationsonline. For example, in his movie Saptapadi, Vishwanath brilliantly addresses certain loopholes in an inadmissible cultural system like intercaste marriage. Do you read and write poetry? Taraka Rama Rao Nandamuri Stars: After that, I got so many offers to act in Telugu and Tamil movies.

It takes the priest intense introspection to realise how nasty pedatw is to look down upon a fellow human because of getting imprisoned in caste. That’s when I applied for the audiographer’s post and got it.


You write scripts for all your films. He was born in the South Indian city of Vijayawada in He communicated an elegant language through the camera, a language the audience could hear perfectly.

Vishwanath has also worked with artists like Hariprasad Chaurasia, Kelucharan Mohapatra and Sharon Loven for some of his films. HaranathJamunaVaralakshmi G. The director need not be a scriptwriter. After Shankarabharanam, nobody in the industry could make pedaa to the national level.

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In a candid conversation…. To bring the studio on par with international standards, they bought the latest equipment and called for new technicians. I never wanted to deliver escapist stuff.

The question of thinking in many ways does not arise if you have peata arrived at the right conclusion. But I also feel it is better if I could convey something good to the people while entertaining them.

He began his career as a technician in a studio at Chennai and later assisted Mr. Not Rated 95 min.

Undamma Bottu Pedata

Which is your favourite film? HaranathJamunaAnjali Devi. Watch the full movie, Nene Monaganni, only on Eros Now. I feel aesthetic sense is in my instinct. Audible Download Audio Books. RajkumarVaralakshmi G.


He made a series of such classical oriented movies all showcasing the bliss in Indian art forms. But no, I did train in classical music. That made his movies critically acclaimed and box office hits at the same time.

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If they are the first generation stalwarts, Viswanath is the only one from the second generation. The majority of the songs in your films have a classical bottuu. Is there a way out?

In the process, he evolved into a star in his own right. At present, film-making has become a business to make fast bucks. It’s a matter of presenting your final thought before the camera.

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