GM never gets satisfied until she gets her way. Then, a rich girl named Baek Ja-eun comes to the Ojakgyo farm and changes the Hwang family’s lives. He stares at her and carries her to bed. SY says she didnt need to come. MS says not any since SY is with child. TH pulls over and looks like he is in pain.

Y tells TS not to stand — it;s ok. With the blind dating, can I take it slowly? She has every right to be happy. MS and everyone congratulates the mom for finally succeeding during coffee, Baek tells the dad how he wants the 3 of them to be owners of the farm. I wont do it again. Guksoo says he wont go.

Life is too short for bad housework.

TH holds out his hand and asks J: TH and J bow to GM and the parents. I will be going. Mom comes out and says she can smell spring.

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I like the turn that happens in this relationship, because now Soo-young has cut herself off just when Tae-bum starts to fall in love with her. Pretty sick of seeing TH and JE cry all the time! TP keeps crying through it though. SY, MS, J whilst others brotherx the parents. The family can hear her.

He meets with Hye-ryung one last time to say goodbye, not so much to her, but to that ten-year relationship and his lovelorn self. J and TH go on an overnight trip together and sleep in her tent by the beach.


I was also able to meet officer Hwang — someone I really wanted to meet once. September 18, at 9: Dunno the future of TP and Y… 4 more episodes left. D says next is for everyone to witness so in front of their family members, the bride and groom should look at each other and bow. TH ya — my baby that grew up so well.

I just found out today when I met Kim PBnim a while ago. I got an opportunity to work as an intern at an animation company in America starting from this April for a year. Personally I would be feeling rather murderous if I was forced to make an impromptu speech like the mom, but surely that cliffhanger at the end is a bluff?

J calls out his name and runs over with TH. This drama is a different story. Like softy et al. Please let it be a bluff, Writers! I saw the cast in the latest episode of Happy Together and they seem pretty close with each other Only for one obvious reason!! They are so courageous. Thank you for willing to embarrass yourself and dance in the public, I will never wait at a traffic junction the same ever again. Thank you for providing all these torrents.


Even now I feel so sad to post the last recap tomorrow night. Out of all the long shows I have watched, I was never able to like a show till the end, it would usually end at the 20th or 30th episode and that’s when I would start skipping scenes to get to something I would like- like skipping channels for something good- but this show never made me feel that way.

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GM says the meat is chewy and sweet. Just this once do this for me. Synopwis goes to meet the mom. I still think Hong is the prime suspect.

Mom says she has to do this for her entire life so why start already. In the truck, TP is driving TS.

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We did an extra scene with the mom though, and for that I am grateful. I do have regrets about this show though. You will all be blessed.