Such reports coupled with notion of problems related to supply chain and handling, transportation and storage of milk and lack of quality control system of milk in and around Sodo town to milk retail calls for systematic study and research project of remedy for the malady. Concerning this, more than articles were published by academic staff in various international and national peer reviewed reputable journals. Experience sharing Experience sharing was made with different private and government institutions to learn from their experiences in production and promotion of briquettes. Generally, 17 research and 11 community services i. Despite increasing demand for large number chicks, the mini-hatchery operation in our country is not well known and organized. Seeds of the cultivars were obtained from Awada Agricultural Research Center and sown on polyethylene bags arranged on raised beds in the nursery. B Rationale There are very limited governmental and private sector that legal certificated and get approval in the place of present project by supplying adequate and quality seed of those three high value vegetable crop i. But the farmers do not have any kind of mini hatchery that could be hatch a number of chicks other than use the local chicken to hatch the improved breed egg, because the improved chicken do not incubate and hatch their egg due to low maternity instinct and broodiness.

In particular, the policy is intended to motivate staff, sustain and improve their competitiveness at national and international levels. Thus all might force and make many small scale farmer to be completely depend for seed supply of those vegetable crop on various vegetable seed supplier trader and merchant for seed supply of those vegetable crop. In addition to this, we are producing improved forages like elephant grass, desho, desmodium, etc again supplemented with milling by products of the university. For implementation of scheduled and proposed activities of project on time budget run them was not read before requested week and date of activities. Apiary production activities The following activities were performed regarding apiary production: This indicates that each scheduled activities of project accomplishing based on their schedule. This shows that the academic staff of WSU got ample experiences to publish articles on proceedings and journals. Consequently, characterization and evaluation of the germplasm accessions for economically important characters was commenced.

The spatial variation in soil properties with land use types could not be over emphasized since it is an important aspect in soil fertility decline studies. Research publication, dissemination and documentation directorate This institutional capital ensures amnaric permanence and growth of the SACCOs even in turbulent economic times Evans, Human beings are encouraged to consume more vegetables and fruits, which are a good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and are beneficial for health.

One of the ways is presenting the project findings on seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. Moreover, teff yields are low due to agronomic constraints that include lodging, low modern input use, and high post-harvest losses. In terms of publications, the office has prepared formats for annual, completed and terminal research and community services reports and published the first of its kind annual report of the university.

The increasing number of research, technology transfer and community services necessitated the establishment of a separate vice president office at the end of Next, discussion was held by the committee on the received comments.

Location of Kechi rese esearch and community services center Activities performed A. Total N was analyzed using the Kjeldahl digestion, distillation and titration method as described by Black by oxidizing the OM in concentrated sulfuric acid solution 0. Solomon Kebede Team Members: When the project finalized, the finding will be well known.


Fish are known for their ability to concentrate heavy metals in their muscles and since they play an important role in human nutrition, they need to be carefully screened to ensure that high levels of toxic trace metals are not being transferred to humans through consumption Adeniyi and Yusuf, Due to problem of autoclave, isolation and identification activity was still delayed and looking for opportunities Work plan Table2: This discussion focused on research and community services activities and their problems.

Thus, s, after classifying the selected sample spot into in three following the slope, three samples were take aken at the lower, middle and upper parts off the t structure as shown below Figure 2: However, nutrient composition varies among different plant foods. Implementing each remains activities of project based on their sated time framework or action plan in near future.

Cation exchange capacity was thereafter estimated titrimetrically by distillation of ammonium that can be displaced by sodium from NaCl solution Chapman, College of Natural and Computational Science Some materials are still purchasing from our pocket and borrowing from others such as jock, Bresdiste, Chlfa, Omo, Alcohol, plastic, shara, Jerikan, Long plastic water containetip for daily labours, queen excluders, etc.

Amistu Kuma Background Due to its high perishable nature and conducive media for growth of microorganisms, most of dairy products are exposed to microbial contamination during transportation and storage which results in loss of products, economic loss to the producer and food-borne illness.

Preface The Vice President for Research and Community Services VPRCS is accountable for planning, coordinating and managing research affairs, community services, university industry linkage and technology transfer and publication and dissemination of project outputs.

It will also help to know how the implemented watershed management activities are in line to the theoretical principles and recommended specification of technologies. Dairy farm coordination office WSU is among the second generation universities, located in Southern Ethiopia, established on March 27, with the mission of providing quality education, conducting problem solving research and rendering community services.

At the beginning, a general visual field survey of the area was carried out to have a general view of the variations in the study area. Such crossbreeding has widely been used as method to combine the high egg production of exotic breeds with the adaptability of indigenous breeds. Method of data collection Questionnaires were used. Rationale In Ethiopia improved chicken breed which have been distributed through packages to farmers for the purpose of improving the production status of local chicken and also to generate income by selling their products but the farmers do not have any kind of mini hatchery that could hatch a number of chicks other than using the local chicken to hatch the improved breed egg, because the improved chicken do not incubate and hatch their egg due to low maternity instinct and broodiness.

The occurrence of toxic metals in pond, stream and river water affects the lives of humans and animals that depend upon these water sources for their daily life Rai et al.

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The dairy farm ambaric already created permanent job opportunities for more than 10 employees and around 15 daily laborers. Maize at project site, dec. Currently it supplies more than liters of milk per day to university community which is believed to contribute to retaining academic staff.

Exchangeable acidity was determined by saturating the soil samples with potassium chloride solution and titrated with sodium hydroxide as described by Mclean Experiments on these alternative planting methods in controlled settings have shown large amharicc positive impacts on teff yields. In order to make the research findings not shelved, the technology transfer wing of the vice president office was engaged in transfer of proven technologies to the communities.


The electrical conductivity EC of soils was measured from a soil water ratio of 1: Contextual Background In Wolaita Zone, shortage of land coupled with huniyat soil fertility, dependency on rain fed Agriculture; severe watershed degradation and outbreak of crop diseases immensely reduce the volume of crop production and productivity.

Academic staff’s general amuaric A general discussion was held with academic staffs, VPRCS and the directorates under the office. To awaken the contributions and responsibilities of academic staffs under the college of social science and school amharix education and behavioral science, discussions were made with the deans and RCS coordinators, letters were written to the dean office to coordinate and let the department heads organize the staffs and bring need based mega projects that could support the livelihood of the surrounding community, community services project sites were visited and justifications were given for press agents from SNNP FM radio, EBC, supervision teams from MOE, distinguished guests of 5th anharic national research workshop, different interviews and experience sharing meetings were made with private investors, researchers and media spokes person from different universities like Hawassaexperts from Wolaita Sodo soil laboratory, stakeholders from various sectors etc.

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Therefore, engaging for research is the major concern of academic staff members of the university. In particular, the policy is intended to motivate staff, sustain and improve their competitiveness at national and international levels. Fifth annual national research workshop The overall hatchery management technique and records of all expenses and returns will be kept. I am also thankful to those who prepared and submitted the reports. In parti articular, the discussants were asked how the crop prod roductivity of their farm plots before and after er the t commencement of the watershed management project.

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Many rural small scale farmer of present project place purchase seed of those vegetable from various seed market, vegetable seed trader and vegetable seed merchant who live in outside of project zone but sale those vegetable crop seed in every —where part of Ethiopia through expensive price. We haven’t used transport from the University in collecting two districts Kindo koyha and Humbo woredas due to limitation of permission as there is lack of enough cars for service in the our campus.

For example, transfer of apple technologies to highland areas, transfer of improved potato, onion, and pepper technologies, livelihood improvement packages in which landless youth were organized into cooperatives at Larena kebele to produce maize, onion, and tomato using irrigation and rain fed.

However, efforts made so far did not bring significant change in developing countries in the tropics mainly because of sustainability problems poor performance of imported breeds from the temperate developed world nujiyat tropical countries has created a negative image for genetic improvement.

To bring research, technology transfer and community services nearer to the communities and make technology generation and dissemination site and agro ecology specific, the office has established four akharic research centers three 3 of which are located in Wolaita zone while the remaining one is located in Dawuro zone.

A number of activities were performed by research affairs directorate.