Paul reminds him about what he said about excuses, and says that if this is his attempt to stop him from calling off their entire working agreement, he better think again. Roo has a crowbar and Dylan tries to take it from him. Number 26 Dylan attempts to study, but gives up and tells Harvey it’s too hard and he needs a brain transplant. Sky blames Roo for sending Boyd over the edge. Paul tells him that he can if he wants to keep working for him. He knew nothing about the HgH. Dylan vaguely mentions a job. He also says that she would call if anything happened.

He also says that she would call if anything happened. Roo says he just wants another beer. Dylan admits that he doesn’t have a plan. On Harold’s way out, Paul and his ladies come in. Karl gets off the phone and says that Dr. Dylan says that he’s done his time, and reminds Paul that he’s been in too. Paul says that the resemblance is almost uncanny.

Meanwhile, Dylan has unlocked the door and turns around to find an unwanted visitor: Steph explains that Sky was with him, and it seemed like the crisis was over, so they weren’t as worried about him. Paul goes over to buy something, still talking to the women, but neigghbours altogether as soon as he sees Gabby.

Steph apologies for leaving him in the dark. General Store Harold finishes leaving a message on Eoisode voicemail, but as soon as he hangs up, he comments that he sounded like an old fuddy-duddy grandfather. Paul comes in and reminds him that he set him some homework for tonight.


Harold arrives, closely followed by Karl and the Hoylands. Max is so upset with her, and Harold just wanted to make it all better for her. Max asks Karl how the specialist can be so sure that it’s schizophrenia.

Neighbours (): ratings and release dates for each episode

Stefan Dennis Gabrielle Walker: Number 26 Dylan attempts to study, but gives up and tells Harvey it’s too hard neigjbours he needs a brain transplant. Inside, Boyd and Sky realise they are in trouble when Roo tries to threaten them into handing over some money. Episodes scheduled for future dates are subject to change.

Abandoned House Sky offers neighbpurs get Boyd some aspirin, but he says he’s had his medication so it wouldn’t be good. The uncensored sections were combined; turning five episodes into two. Harold tells her she doesn’t have to. Sky tells Max that she thought they would be fine together. She sees Boyd and gets scared. Max interprets this to mean that it could be more complex than schizophrenia. Dylan explains that he ran into an old mate who is passing through.

Summer returns with Boyd’s address book, and Karl begins to make some calls. Obviously, Paul has asked about Roo, and Nsighbours tells him he’s not there.

Dylan says he’ll be there. Dylan tells him that he wouldn’t, and he hasn’t. Paul says that the resemblance wpisode almost uncanny. Dylan says that he’s done his time, and nfighbours Paul that he’s been in too. The episode was first shown in it’s entirety on the following morning at 8: The scene with Lance and Amy at their lockers was cut. Max tells her that Boyd just couldn’t turn schizophrenic overnight, it’s just ridiculous.


Gabby offers to stay there longer if Harold wants to go back to the hospital. Sky says they did in the ambulance, and it made him stop.

Karl tells them he’ll see what he can find out. To avoid further confusion for viewers, the network opted not to broadcast the lost installment. Summer runs off to neighbous his address book.

Neighbours Episode 4701

Dylan’s mobile rings, and it’s Paul. Dylan tells Paul about a job they did together a few years back. Roo guesses it’s Dylan’s new boss. Dylan just tells him it’s a guy he knows. Karl is on his phone with Dr. Scarlet Bar Roo and Dylan have a game of pool. spisode

Karl explains that the seizures have pointed them in a new direction: Summer tells Max about Boyd taking her down to the park to meet their mother.

Steph explains that they got it under control, and he went back to school.

Paul makes a guess about Roo: Turns out he found Dylan through his brother Dwayne. However, the first two weeks of episodes had already been named, and although not officially used, they were published in several TV listings.

He tells Roo he’s busy. Boyd checks on the toast. Levi, explaining the truth about Max’s cousin.