Beyhan arrives at Hatice’s palace and Hatice welcomes her. Mahidevran says that it is apparent, Hurrem is preparing him for entering the Divan. Shah reminiscents Hatice her promise to help her to avenge Ibrahim’s death. Hatice wonders when his torment will end. Ebu Suud asks the Sultan if he is alright, and the Sultan says he is not well – he says sleeping has become prohibited for him – but Ebu Suud says that may you sleep well – and those in your position have to make such difficult decisions for the better of their people. Mustafa notes that the only purpose of Ayaz Pasha is to serve the dynasty now. Gulfem is worried when she finds Hatice unconscious in Ibrahim’s office, but she calms down, when she understands that Hatice was sleeping.

In the harem, there is a gathering to greet the Sultan and Mahidevran asks Hurrem if she is happy that poisoned the lives of people around her. Mihrimah intervenes and asks Hatice to be careful how she is talking to her Valide and Hurrem tells her to go to her room. Hatice wakes up believing that she saw a dream. They must go for a campaign first and when they return, it will be the right time for him to leave. Hatice says she wants Hurrem to pay back Ibrahim’s death and Mahidevran replies that it will happen soon. The whole situation and his look confirms that Ibrahim is dead. Suleiman says he has already decided and gave the position of the second Vizier to Lutfu Pasha. Bali Bey says he thinks it is obvious that they have gotten the support of Charles and Ferdinand to go against the Sultans orders.

Why would you tell us this? Gulfem says to Sah that she doesn’t know where Nigar’s daughter is and Mahidevran says to Hatice, that Diana Farieyuxyil now at the palace as a Kalfa. After that, if by Gods Permission we return safe and sound, then we will decide about the Sanjak.

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If nothing else, is this not making Hurrem happy? Bali Bey then tells him, on top of all this, when I was on the way to the Palace, they tried to kill me. Hurrem says How are you my Cihangir? Sah looks at her suspiciously. When she asks him whether he has to tell her something else, Rustem refuses and Hurrem asks him why he hid his meeting with Sah sultan.

Where did you go leaving me and my daughter? If you do this – ask me for whatever you wish from me! Meanwhile, Mahidevran tells Shah Sultan how happy she is that she will be staying in Istanbul. Ayaz says, I am always in your service, but Rustem is not suitable for this position.


Suddenly Sah sees her ready to jump from the terrace.

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Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles. She blum how this could be while her sister is suffering? Hatice sees picking up the statues of the garden, ordered by the Sultan and shouting forbids to do this. She welcomes him, and he asks how she is, and she asks if he is there to stay and he says that he is here on some important work, then will go back.

Especially after her husband having entered the Divan.

Hurrem dissatisfied that Ayaz Pasha could not influence the sultan, visits Sah to congratulate her. Sumbul tells her that now she will be able to rule the world and Hurrem says she will do what he swore once. Hatice, grieved, looks at the empty of statues garden and Mahidevran tells her that it is good for her that they got them, in order not to be hurt by seeing them. Beyhan accuses Sah that he thinks only of herself and nobody else when Hurrem interrupts them entering the room.

He says Shah Sultan called him herself, wished to congratulate him on his appointment.

Mahidevran walks out and says hand me the note. Mahidevran sees them from the window and then asks to read the letter. Cihangir complaints for Mustafa’s leaving. But can you trust him? subhitles

Hurrem is surprised when she sees Fahrye Diana in her room. Hurrem asks Soumboul, if he has made the preparations for the feast and when Soumpoul says that it’s been 40 days since the death of Ibrahim and is anxious about Hatice’s reaction, Hurrem replies that she is the one who is dominant in the harem and she will do whatever she wants. Soumpoul says that Hatice has an unbearable pain and will try to get revenge from her Hurrem and Hurrem tells him to be careful of Sah, because she might approach her in order to ask for her frienship, but she has a lot of confidence and she does not trust her.

Bali Bey replies saying it is most likely the Pope. Beyhan arrives at Hatice’s palace and Hatice welcomes her. How could she dare to enter this Palace. Mustafa tells Yahya that he doesn’t understand his father’s decision and asks to see Ayaz Pasha to congratulate him.


Mihrimah asks to withdraw and Hurrem forbids it. Mahidevran watches from the window.

When Sah leaves the room, Mahidevran asks Hatice why doesn’t she ask for Sah’s support and Hatice replies that she is afraid that Sah will prevent it. Mahidevran says that it is engpish, Hurrem is preparing him for entering the Divan.

Hurrem says that if not now, at some time, Rustem will want to look at his muhtessem interests and not hers. She has even had a party arranged tonight! Suleiman sees Sah and asks her if she came to challenge him for his decision, but Sah replies that he knows best what he does and Suleiman tells her that she reminds him of his mother in beauty and in power.

Meanwhile, Hurrem goes to the Bath, and Diana follows sneakily from behind.

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She points out that this makes him weak and asks him to decide whether to go with them in Manisa or will stay here. Ibrahim served the Devlet Empire so well that – he won the battles so well that – his memory will certainly live on in the world.

Ibrahim’s corps lies there and Matrakci is very upset. Shah responds saying she is not afraid of anyone, but Beyhan says what are you waiting for? Mihrima asks her mother if they may leave, but Hurrem says no do not be in a hurry, you can leave later.

Asking the reason of the execution, they say that it might be Ibrahim’s arrogance, but it is not clear yet. May Allah be my Witness that, other than thinking for you good, I have no other thoughts about you. Mustafa and Mahidevran are devastated by the death of Ibrahim. The Sultan asks who did it yuzyip Bali Bey responds, saying the Venetians. The Sultan asks Ayaz Pasa to convene a meeting with all Pasas being present.

When she asks for the grave of Ibrahim, he gets her where he buried him.