A man named Balinor. So he had them all rounded up and slaughtered. Full Cast and Crew. I hope they’re alright. You want me to protect this man? Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Arthur grabs the man’s hand and throws him onto Merlin’s bed at knifepoint.

Dragon swoops and catches Arthur, causing both of them to fall. I’ll send word when I’ve found him. He is Uther’s son. In my opinion, it is the best show for character usage and development, storyline, and emotional impact. Why would he not let me be? How did you know?

You sure you know what it means? Do not save my gif, without my permission! GWEN I know we can never be. He’s lost every one of his kind, every one of his kin. Most of last night’s fires are now out.

The conclusion of Series 4’s finale began with the mfrlin of Kilgharrah, but when dragon fire was not enough to halt Agravaine’s relentless pursuit; Merlin. I recommend it highly.

The other characters support the storyline well and it’s one of the best written episodes. I hope they’re alright. But even he has little chance.

Was this review helpful to you? I think last week’s episode would’ve made for a better finale, but this wasn’t bad. One more step and We’re in Cenred’s kingdom. You spoke of Ealdor. Every shot must count!


Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Only a dragon-lord is capable of.

Dragon swoops and catches Arthur, causing both of them to fall. Only a dragon-lord is capable of containing the beast, men whom Uther Uther wanted me dead. He kills for a reason. How did you know? Edit Storyline Morgana has gone with Morgause, and the dragon, freed by Merlin, repeatedly attacks Camelot, causing huge fire damage.

We’re looking for someone. Now you must do the same to others! Full Cast and Crew. I’m worried about everyone back in Camelot. I see her in you. You alone carry the ancient gift. After finishing all the past seasons, I find myself going back to “The Last Dragonlord” and watching it over and over again, noticing new nuances every time I see it. Thank heaven for that.

Sir Leon Anthony Head Gwen runs to Arthur and hugs him. This is the place to go for US meetups, late reaction posts come Season 2. He hunted me like an animal! Uther asked me to use my power to bring the last dragon to Camelot. The castle walls, in particular, the western section are near to collapse, I could go on. I thought her life would be better without merkin.


Edit Did You Know? You never heard of him? For tonight is not your night to die, I will make sure of that! Kilgharrah roars and knocks Arthur out. If you merlln attack Camelot again, I will kill you!

He was a dragonlord. Only you, a dragonlord, can. You must realise that they’re immune to your powers.


What was it that I had done that he wanted to destroy the life I built, abandon the woman I loved? I don’t own Merlin Although I wish I did.

This Balinor better be worth it. It’s alright, I won’t tell anyone.

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Why would he not let me be? If they discovered you beyond our border, they would kill you. One thing I tell all my young knights: