And the media are damn well not telling us what is going on, instead focusing on the politics to the point of pre-forming the voters reaction for us, or merely presenting the views of the vocal which Green writes about. Could it be that we want to complete the steady work of our Goverment in maintaining a good life for our people while encouraging innovation in clean energy? This is supposed to be our ABC, not the left’s propaganda arm. You ask how this might come about; here is a plausible answer. The media, is now one of those “communities of ignorance” described by Faulkiner not the politician Faulkiner. She ought to have said — “The Conservative Party are really rather afraid that Howard was honest – he truly believed almost everything he said.

Im sure Budovski has just put his had under the blankets.. Australia is one of very few countries that has and enforces compulsory voting: The person in question, Kate Miller-Hiedke, is a talented performer to whom I enjoy listening. But I’d say that ignorance is still ignorance, even if either willful or reponding to a sort of internal ad-hominem reasoning. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the movie, ‘Conan the Barbarian’! You may think the best approach may be reasoned argument, but anyone with a two year old child knows this isn’t always the case.

It might have shown him for the blustering buffoon that he is! I would say at least one in two Thatcher: The Four Corners documentary shows beyond doubt that Keating was an extraordinary PM, a game changer and one with real vision.

Thanks so much for that laugh, here is Kerry giving Howard what for: It’s not only that we allow some of these people, who clearly don’t have the intelligence, to vote, we make them. There is nothing new in the behaviour of the media performers and some politicians. It’s a far cry from the current sad state of affairs on both sides of the fence, where politicians are too busy being cowed by the bleatings of uninformed naysayers to actually engage in thoughtful and meaningful debate.


That’s close terry, but I go further. What kind of democracy allows a cabal of mining corporations in cooperation with a foreign government to remove a democratically elected Prime minister?

kepalabergetar: Love You Mr. Arrogant Episode 18

What do you intend to do? Why won’t you tell me their names and who they are?

And that particular statement was a turning point for our nation. They that sow the wind or racism and ignorance shall reap the whirlwind of a broken, and violent society. Argue all you like, but facts don’t change.

Public discussion enters the age of the uninformed – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Not only that, Grandad, but whenever one panellist tries to counter or refute the unsubstantiated claims, Jones, T. I think a lot of people will tell you that.

It’s easier to just appeal to ignorant prejudices and pick on the genuinely disadvantaged than to have intelligent analysis of complex issues.

Mr Tony Jones is not even a Ms Brockie. There is more to intelligence than IQ, EQ is also a valid form of intelligence and I guarantee you she has buckets of it but it wouldn’t surprise me if she had above average IQ as well. There may well have been a different lesson to be learned from that exchange if he had and we might all have been better off for it.

Public discussion enters the age of the uninformed

As you point out, the caller sees this as positive discrimination rather than compensation or “righting a wrong”. I agree with you Crow.

You think Keating didn’t get the Orwell reference? Speaking of dumbing down the media? Letters to the Editor were carefully filtered to ensure their worthiness.

And then blush – spisode you’re still capable According to Howard, he never lied, but then Howard was a supreme egotist, who was never wrong, who used and abused political expediency, like the malevolent small town lawyerhe was.


Some of them are verging on slanderous statements and they are barely pulled up on, if at all.

The knowlege is there, and an effective communication method can simply be to show why the data mean the opposite of what the confused person think they mean. I hope for her own sake she didn’t view a recording of the show. The person in question, Kate Miller-Hiedke, is a talented performer to whom I enjoy listening.

A female morning ABC personality had Bob Hawke on to discuss some matter and he refused to answer her curly questions. Even worst than the comments by talkback radio are the critical if not cynical adjectives used when talking about a politician or political party in the ABC news. Try to stick to wcg facts of the quoted exchange.

A reporter with such calibre deserves a broader profile. When he showed intestinal fortitude they called it arrogance and abuse, then assisted the opposition in belittling him and his office.

Look at our episdoe to and fro over asylum seekers He may as well not have interviewed anybody and simply given us his opinion on what he thinks she should be saying. It is absolutely standard practice, in all peer-reviewed scientific publications, to present data after it’s been subjected to interpretation by the study’s researchers. But to answer the story our pollies now are far too submissive, they are used as targets by the epieode and have lost the art of putting the Allan Jones’s and Andrew Bolts back into their boxes.