Pros – Immersive, almost magical sounding headphone, smalla s it’s on ear, and can be folded flat for portable use, plastick build but durable. They’re a bit treble focused but the low frequency sounds are deep and crystal clear not pounding. Most instruments have their fundamentals or low harmonics in this range. The volume of space occupied by the headphones when folded into their most compact format. Guitars and drums sound very natural. When watching videos or gaming latency is a lot more noticeable than just listening to music.

These headphones are not designed for sports. Unfortunately, this means they will easily distract people around you at moderate volumes, and the noise of a regular commute will ruin your listening experience. Sadly, they don’t fold up into a more compact format, and the thick cable is a bit bothersome. Especially, wireless ones that completely switch off and need to be recharged when the battery is dead. The significant portion of leakage happens between Hz and 20KHz which is a very broad range. Grado has not re-invented the wheel here and the signature Grado sound with colored mids, really good instrument separation in its price range , and sharp highs are still there. This guy is sort of the odd one out.

Frequency Response Standard Deviation shows how accurately and balanced sound is captured by the microphone at each frequency.

Grado Prestige Series SR60e Headphones

The microphone section shows the quality of speech capture and transmission by the mic, as well as how well the microphone hfadphones test handles noisy environments. Do these headphones hold up to the high standards placed by their predecessors? I really don’t know how to describe this, but the plastic is very solid but very light. Shure KSE electrostatic in-ear headphone system. Room effects that enhance the audio quality to make it more immersive. Try a pair of our affordable open-back headphones and experience fuller, more realistic sound.


When over-emphasized, mixes tend to get muddy and boomy.

They’re headphoens bit treble focused but the low frequency sounds are deep and crystal clear not pounding. Not for office use. The headstrap could be better quality but at I would recommend the SR60e to any rock or metal guy.

See our best recommendations. The bass boost on the Fiio E12 had to keep it off because higher than 12 o’clock loud the SR60E could not handle it without producing a slight pop. Pass Labs HPA-1 headphone amplifier. Once again I went deview and forth between the two sets of headphones and could definitely hear the differences and preferred the SR60e. The bass impact will be reduced and the bass slam is gone from comfies. The mids, like I said before are forward in the SR60e.

Click here to see kuel’s full review Recording of March Sadly, the plastic used for the ear cups and joints headpuones cheap.

Grado SR60e vs. Grado SR80e headphones review – Sound Advice Headphones

Headphones with higher excitation values, similar to openness, tend to have soundstages that are perceived as more open and spacious. I read other reviews where guys said they needed to amp the SR60e or really turn the volume up to hear the bass. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Instantly feel like they suck. It’s been half a year after I tried it out at my local Jaben store, I still remember how “magical” it feel back then, with the warm MA as my only full size headset back then, SR60e really introduce me to my fetish: They began appealing to me, in fact very much so and i’ve never held one in my hands yet.


If the environment the microphone is being used in is noisy, a microphone with a good noise handling performance would be needed as well.

Learn more about how we work. Low-frequency extension shows how deep the bass response of the microphone is, and therefore, how deep and full your voice would sound to the listener.

If you often have long listening sessions or use your headphones while doing physical activities like running or working out. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. I’m sure that puts a lot of audiophile or hi-fi enthusiasts on edge, but for high quality sound on a low budget these are supremely revview.

These really are fantastic when trado to metal and rock. Results may vary depending on your phone model or Bluetooth source. They were so clean, so clear, so detailed—so right.

Written by TsukiNick Published Feb 9, To connect your headphones wirelessly with your PS4.