Eventually he is caught when the real doctor shows up, and he jumps out the window, breaking his arm in the process. Drake also becomes Ashley’s assistant so that Josh may let him into the premiere’s after-party, but he too is exhausted by Ashley’s requests. This episode was written as the series finale, but was aired before “Helicopter” and “Dance Contest” because Nickelodeon aired the episodes out of production order. When she does admit it, Mindy is suspended and Drake is free of all charges. He died on May 22, Take that with a grain of salt, but still, I’ve never seen these before, which means it’s possible. Drake and Josh eventually reconcile and become friends again.

Eventually after a failed attempt with Craig and Eric, he gathers everyone who he was dishonest with in the past and in front of Carly, admits all the dishonest things he did to them. However, due to Drake’s injury, his “grounding” is simply staying home from school, resting, and making Josh be his servant. After Drake tells Josh he needs more time off himself, Josh begins hanging out with Drew James Immekus , a kid who looks and acts like Drake. Dan Schneider Story by: Josh becomes glad and Drake does not like Grammy at all. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. They then have a montage of those good times. Phyllis’ Gabrielle Carteris daughter.

As a die-hard POTF fan, this was drakr to me. Josh tries to stop him, but both of them end up going. Josh tries to get Helen to notice him more by coming up with a promotion to sell more popcorn, but it causes a massive brawl among the customers.

They both pin him down, but when the cops show up, they think Josh is the real bandit and arrest him instead of the real thug, letting him get away. Views Read Edit View history. He has swords shoved into him in a box by the two and when they check on him after pulling the swords out, he has no pulse meaning he died from it. Drake discovers Josh is talented at poolso he takes advantage of this and uses him to hustle several people behind Josh’s back.


When Drake’s antics cause Josh to miss an important test, Josh becomes furious and decides that he is done with Drake and considers Drake nothing more than a roommate.


At this point, their parents then make a bet over who will win, with the loser dying their hair pink. When he wants to win her love back again, Drake finds out Tori is already seeing other boys, so he goes on a date with another girl, Liza Tupper, to try and make Tori jealous.

Hayfer, for lying to her by saying that he was in class when she left, after Becca tricked her from saying that the lunch ladies were fighting again. Submit a new text post. Josh’s foreign pen pal Yooka Anastasia Baranovacomes to visit from her fictional country of Yudonia, and Drake takes a strong liking to her, spending more time with her than Josh can.

Meanwhile, Megan plots revenge on the boys for not letting her turn up the heat upstairs, since the thermostat was in their room. Josh trains all day under a karate instructor but still ends up getting knocked out with one punch.

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So Drake and Josh come up with a plan to break up the marriage, serving her family goat which is a sacred animal in Yudonia. After feeling comfortable with the popularity, Eric starts spreading rumors about the punch and every story is different, reducing Drake to a laughingstock and a wimp.

An angry Megan is getting sick and tired of their fighting and waking her up at Later on, a tow truck driver E. This episode was written as the series finale, but was aired before “Helicopter” and “Dance Contest” because Nickelodeon aired the episodes out of production order.

Drake gets in trouble at school by his mean English teacher, Mrs.

At the end, Papa Nichols punches Walter, mistaking him for a German soldier and goes on a rampage around the house again. After telling Mindy that he wasn’t sure of his feelings towards her, he finds out from Drake that Mindy may have only said that to distract him from beating her in the Regional Science Fair.

Desperate for money, Drake gets the idea to turn their house into a bed and breakfast after he notices a couple who has no place to stay, to which Josh and Megan reluctantly agree. He later anc a dinner for them at his house which on the same night as Polot and Lucy’s fight. Josh enters a salsa unaires contest and asks Drake to help him in order to win the prize, a plasma screen TV. Drake’s life, on the other hand, begins falling apart as Josh isn’t there to help him.


As an anniversary gift for Audrey and Walter, Drake and Josh agreed to have their living room pillt by the company of a show called “Pump My Room”, which they have never heard of. Josh tries to explain his innocence to Drake, but Drake ignores him and the two grow more and more distant.

With Helen’s wedding approaching, the Parker-Nichols family must cope with the fact that Helen’s grandmother is staying at their house.

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Retrieved June 12, Megan is suspicious and looks up the guy who they sold Bobo to, and discovers that he eats orangutans and related species. They are thrown in jail until Megan tricks the two thieves into admitting they stole the grills, and Drake and Josh are set free after the FBI discovered the truth.

Though reluctant, they buy the car which results in them getting teased by their friends much to the delight of Megan. As much as id like it released Episide from ” https: But Josh gets in trouble when her angered boyfriend Buck Joey Mendicinothinks she is on a date with Josh instead and vrake him to a fight.

To get into the party, Josh pushes a reluctant Drake into giving Thornton his autographed Abbey Road The Beatles album xnd is what he had just received from an English man. Later, it is revealed to be only a dream that present-day Drake is having, although Josh wakes him up by fantasizing about Oprah.