White came back into his life. One low, one high. I don’t know why, but when Hank got “the call” I got the impression it was his boss on the other line. How is it any less misogynist to say that Skylar’s “only option” or some synonym was to screw Beneke? He’s learned enough from Walt to cook the good meth, which ultimately makes Walt redundant to Gus. Skylar in car singing Old McDonald with baby in the car. She stopped judging others, and got her hands dirty. So at least they missed the final mind-blowing shot.

Alan’s “only two options” prediction is touchingly naive. Now, I just need a wheelchair accessible van, kevlar vests, shiny suits and I can terrorize NM! Tio didn’t like Gus from the start, and he definitely hates him now. Aaron Paul was absolutely stunning this episode. Getting back to the show at hand, I am finding it rather surprising how little I care about Skyler’s decision to “cheat” on Walt. And I definitely don’t want to know what the Cousins did to that woman – just for a handicap equiped van!

I know the concept of ill gotten beaking has been central from day one but Walt and Jesse knew what they were doing, they’d already made their choice; Skylar hadn’t. The shadows are deep enough over “Breaking Bad” that it’s hard to imagine a ray of hope or light shining through anywhere.

Season 2 Review Column Breaking Bad: Do not use that word again here.

I’m also intrigued as to why Gus is spending so much energy in keeping Walt alive, even if it’s just for a little while – sure he’s a master cook, but here we see Jesse possibly cooking on his own with what Walt taught himand Gus must have other manufacturers on his payroll too. The expression on her face when she returned home was not one of triumph, but of profound pain and defeat.


Jesus Mayorga as Friendly Guy. James Ning as Chow. AMC is batting at the moment.

‘Breaking Bad’ – ‘Shotgun’: Who’s the guy?

Jesse being in that hospital bed reminded me alot of Two-Face unreal episode, great stuff. The end result of a culture where no one gives a shit about anyone else is that everyone ends up in a fragmented state: Just a slight missed opportunity in an otherwise brilliant episode. From the outside, the issue srason the patentability of life-saving medicine — how does it make sense? I think we haven’t begun to see what Anna Gunn can do. Shari Rhodes was zeason Breaking Bad casting director.

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Echo everyone’s blown awayedness. Hoping the hitfix comment section would be as abundant and rich as the ones here are. Picking up some momentum, the third season of “Breaking Bad” improves heavily off of the previous season, but only relies on the emotional core of all the characters and the steaks are not quite as high as they could be. It was refreshing to hear him talk like a normal human being– and then I thought he died.

Critics, fans and the show itself ascribe the blame for most of the problems in the show to Walt. Walt has done terrible things, but other than the public humiliation of having a husband picked up for indecent exposure in a what he’s done hasn’t impacted his wife’s life. Marco dispatched the random shopper man and attempted to take out the shrieking woman, but had spent the entire clip.

Alan’s “only two options” prediction is touchingly naive. Jan 15, Full Review….

sepineall Get a grip, Alan. Don’t get me wrong, it was still tense. Someone said why doesn’t Skylar pack up the kids and get out. My initial reaction to the IFT moment was that it served two functions- causing pain for Walt and it obviously didas well as maybe shocking him into realizing that their relationship is absolutely gone.


Puts on the gas mask.

Just when you think the drama, and tension couldn’t surpass last week’s ep. Okay, I love Breaking Bad. Obviously this is speculative.

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At the end of this episode, I would echo Alan’s “what’s next for Hank? If we can blame Walt for her infidelity we are doing the same as Walt when he blames his cancer for his new career choice. I want to thank you for praising the show on this week’s podcast. What makes the show so good – no, what makes it so great – is that every choice comes with fallout and all the equations in the world can’t control it.

This show better win the emmy for best drama. I think Skyler has stronger feelings for Ted and may look to save his ass by laundering the money back into the company, thinking Walt will be dead sooner rather than later. If anyone is interested, you can find more of my thoughts on this episode on my blog where I go into detail about Skyler’s motivations and why Walter Jr.