Of course these people are now mixed with Greeks and Bulgarians, but does this mean that they have lost their property of being Macedonian? You say you are here to learn. Bratot Alot my friend, as both you and i know very well. So I have problem believing you, given that you started the thread spewing Propaganda lines! And I will never do! Borrowings and adoption from other cultures are quite traceable for any language with some regulations and concepts.

My first post to you was to read, there is more than enough information there that will keep you quite busy. Yet, all of them identified themselves as Greeks. So only the Anatolians are real descendants of the Byzantines!? Why don’t you try to explain the following: Do you consider Romania as per default Italian? This Email ID is already registered. Maybe afraid to name it as Macedonian??

I remember going shopping and armakeeon product of northern Greece, Greece on stuff. They later rebuilt the Ayi Anargri Church in the village. Daskale maybe if i post in italian he can translate but in macedonian nema armakddon. The participants were not only asked to try their hardest but were also offered a financial inducement which was a portion of the of the recipients amount and would be proportionally diminished if they held their breath less for other members.

But, as Greece, as a nation, I doubt it. Most definitely and not even years What are you, 10 years old?

This is not even a debatable question. As if Im a fake Spartan or something. Its not my site so I cannot ban you but to such pretenders opening discussions under the false pretence of learning or open discussions I say pissoff. John, I am not sure there is a “true identity”. onllain


Only when I went to school back in Greece, the teachers told us that this language is a micture of the language spoken in Skopje here, I’m using their exact armaedon, not mine and in Bulgaria. I’m not denying that any of you is Macedonian!

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He may feel Macedonian and like Ruth the girl may have adopted the ways of her husband and the children raised with a Macedonian identity. This then brings us to my previous post and the notion of leaning.

I totally agree with you. They in fact boast about how pure their Greek is. The dialects of Voden are Macedonian. So your spotting abilities seem to have deserted you. Show a little respect malaka. Komitsko Oro Live Spektakl Live. Their choice to embrace Islam fikm caused them to differentiate slightly but they have much more in common armakeddon Macedonians than many realise.

Risto, maybe you’re right when you say that they were actually speaking Macedonian and they were forced not to use the term “Macedonia”, but I cannot be certain about that, because fllm never told me so. Here is my view, there is already enough difference in our respective choice of names.

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Lets further say the son then marries another Australian girl and again like Ruth she adopts her husbands ways. It’s clear that I’m talking about my grandparents and not about you guys. We all aware of our ancestors and who we are, where we came from and what was our culture. You are once again exhibiting your lack of basic comprehension skills.


They were not really in a position to comment with a great deal of knowledge. Therefore, I don’t know how to call it and I used the expression: Even though you admit your people spoke a non-Greek language, but now you speak a Greek language, you cannot see the contradictions in this modern debate. For us this is de facto. I’m not a fascist or fanatic whatsoever, and I could change my mind if I could see the truth lies somewhere else than I know.

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It would be safe to say we don’t hold grudges. Some would have intermarried.

I really want to visit my hometown but how armwkedon I? So instead of asking somebody to do the work for you, just for your info, there is a Search option on the forum, and start seeking and reading. John if you are having a hard time admitting your MK then shut up! If you say there are Macedonians inside Greece then what about people who are Macedonian and x and what if they feel greek and Macedonian.

They just don’t know. It makes the modern Greek language look like the fast food of the Balkans in comparison.