Noi is smart enough to counter their lies. The embalmed jumping corpse is now inside the casino den. The underground casino den is still opened. The robbers are captured and the Buddha head recovered. Note Chernyim Main actor: Not to be confused with Akon.

Mam finally finds a job but only as manual people counter. So all potential three boyfriends have some good qualities but each of them has also drawbacks. Unfortunately, it is not timely to have a child but they finally marry. Luang Phi Teng is the main character from “The Holy man” movie, which was a top hit in More problems arise when a policeman is joining the bus trip. Her sin is to enjoy breaking married couples.

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Views Read Edit View history. The Buppha ghost saga continues with two new opus in Police arrives in the building and enquiries on the bodies found in the underground casino. He finally realizes that Dio lied to him. Following a misunderstanding, the two girls believe the feelings of the two boys are fake and that they only want to sleep with them.

Mam comes to Bangkok for the first time to search for a work. Being drunk, the driver hit a big truck coming in opposite direction. They finally get captured. Nai Amnat hires hitman Prakan Akom Preedakul to get rid of the five friends. They miss Bangkok booze.


Teng finally meets her in a bar. As usual there are flatulence jokes when spicy and sour food is given to monks. Other rapists are arrested by police. The four gay landlords succeed to convince them to stay by offering rent price decrease and promise to get rid of the ghosts. Despite advise from monk not to go to the building again, Lang flees from hospital to meet Buppha. There is never a full shooting of the Thai actresses as female stunts are used. All friends and Sai flee.

Koeti Aramboy,Akom Preedakul Main actress: Lang still preedkul to meet Buppha again. Finally Nam Ning gets revenge on her rapist and he falls from the roof also.

There is a succession of gags similar to Thai TV comedy shows. This movie was forbidden to Thai people below 20 years old following the new rating system introduced in Then Noi asks his former bikers friends for help.

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Her husband is called Sia. Mum Jokmok Main actor: Intira Jaroenpura Buy now: As the Hong Kong champion has a deadly accident, Khuat needs to replace him.

Strong rules are put in place. Finally the male stratagems are discovered.

Chai has supernatural skills since he falls in the river while being a novice. The ghost is coming through the water that is leaking in the hospital. Sanit, known as a looser, accepts to play a match for gaining preedaoul amount of money. Her father shoots by mistake her boyfriend in a paintball shooting game. Sai Fa has to go back to heaven and to leave his friends. The Ghost and Master Boh Rating: Before fleeing, she gives a CD to her son.


Love finally emerges as she realizes that Kong is a very nice and caring young man. Funny situations happen between the two groups until real ghosts appear in the village He is the perfect bachelor and match but he has just no time available.

Mook disappears in a swimming pool. As the medium master fails to chase the villages, the developer gives him a last chance.

His father has never been proud of her as he wanted a boy to take over preedakl Thai boxing school. They finally end up for a road trip to Phuket.